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All About Retro Mix

If you enjoy hits of the 80's as well as hits of the 90's, then you've come to the right place! Retro Mix 107.9 is a free internet radio station originating from near Fort Myers, Florida. No matter what shift you work, it's always a No Repeat Workday. We don't play the same song twice for at least 8 hours, so you can listen longer! We also feature lost 80's & 90's hits, called Retro Recoveries. We highlight those Retro Recoveries all weekend long too. We are actually on FM radio too at 107.9, but just as a very low power, Part 15 signal. If you want to hear us, just click the button above to listen to our online music stream! Plus, click the button below to make a request.

Our Line-Up

Here's what you'll hear on Retro Mix.

  • JP - Weekdays 6A-12P
  • Sheeba - Weekdays 12P-6P
  • Hits of the 80s & 90s - Weeknights 6P-6A
  • Retro Recovery Weekend -  Fri 5P-Sun 11:59P

Listen Longer

We have thousands of songs in our retro library, so we won't play the same song twice during your 8-hour workday, no matter when it is!  It's always a No Repeat Workday on Retro Mix!

You'll also hear the original radio mixes of the hits we play, where possible. It's those versions that made the song as popular as it was. That's something you won't hear on the other 80's or 90's stations.

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